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Hundred Waters
The Moon Rang Like a Bell - OWSLA
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Christian Koons on June 26, 2014


Hundred Waters


It’s hard to listen to album opener “Show Me Love”—a haunting a cappella composition of morphed vocals and arching harmonies—without making a knee-jerk comparison to Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek,” but listen a bit more and you’ll forget about that overplayed and over-parodied song altogether. It functions like a lullaby that draws you, eyes glazed, into a dream of a record. The front half of The Moon Rang Like a Bell is a tapestry of complex percussion that resists locking into a solid rhythm (à la James Blake), ethereal synths reminiscent of Hail to the Thief’s sonic landscape, and singer Nicole Miglis’s delicate and fluttering yet forceful voice. The back end gets more accessible, with party track “[Animal]” and the epic builder “Seven White Horses,” wherein Miglis pleads, “Do you hear me?” with anxious intensity. The electronic wizardry is impressive, but it’s the entrancing vocals of this record that will keep you coming back. 

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