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Holy Fuck
Latin - XL
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Kurt Orzeck on June 17, 2010


Holy Fuck

First, they eschewed laptops, programming and loops. Then, centrifugal forces Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh tagged touring drummer Matt Schulz (ex-Enon) and bassist Matt McQuaid to record with them at a barn in the middle of nowhere. Is Holy Fuck trying to fuck with our definitions of “electronic artists”? As consummately contrarian as they are Canadian, with this group you’d half-expect Celine Dion to pipe up on the expert-mentalists’ third album. And while not as in-your-face or sinister as the last two LPs, Latin packs a punch nonetheless. From the introverted “Stay Lit” to the psych-tastic “Silva & Grimes” to the arena-rock-ready “Pigs,” this thing’s got more twists and turns than an Eric Massa scandal. So live-sounding that it could be mistaken for an actual concert recording, such is the confidence of an electronic group that doesn’t hide behind any electronic contrivances. KURT ORZECK

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