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He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Nobody Dances in This Town - PARK THE VAN
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Laura Studarus on November 2, 2012


He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

Meg and Jack White weren’t actually siblings, but it’s doubtful that Robert and Rachel Kolar will disappoint us with such artifice. Swapping vocals with a big-tent revival swagger, these blood relatives imbue He’s My Brother She’s My Sister’s new album Nobody Dances in This Town with a down and dirty authenticity—regardless of the fact that they hail from Los Angeles. It’s a gritty trip from the barstool to the vaudeville stage…and just about everywhere in between. Opening salvo “Tales That I Tell” features Rachel doing her best gypsy Stevie Nicks impression. (Listen closely, you can almost hear the scarves swish in the breeze.) Likewise, Robert is no slouch, his wobbly bellow doing Alec Ounsworth one better on swinging love song “Electric Love.” It’s an impressive start. But when they join forces for sultry slow-burner “Wake Your Heart,” the Kolars prove they have the potential to become nothing less than Southern rock royalty.


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