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Here We Go Magic
Pigeons - Secretly Canadian
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Matt Elder on June 18, 2010


Here We Go Magic

While we certainly couldn’t dismiss the element of a seemingly first-time Macbook user and his new toy on Here We Go Magic’s 2009 debut, the group’s second go-round combines the same gauntlet of multi-layered, guiltless indie pop with a more direct kind of ambiance. Luke Temple and Co. have set their sights high and this time, they’re absent of the “is the wall talking?” psychedelic variety. These tracks don’t rush and Temple’s vocal lines aren’t in a hurry, even when the background is pushing tempos with an athletic pulse. In more ways than one, Here We Go Magic has developed into the everyman’s version of early Wayne Coyne: less polished, more noise and an equal amount of smiles. Because not all of us have as much pep as the Flaming Lips’ posse of beach balls, confetti, and man-sized hamster balls, Pigeons fills the audible void in between with as many colors as its cross-eyed inducing album cover. Are you squinting yet? MATT ELDER

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