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Guided By Voices
Let's Go Eat the Factory - SELF-RELEASED
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kurt Orzeck on January 12, 2012


Guided By Voices

Like a dry drunk who just fell off the wagon, Guided By Voices are stumbling around and partying like it’s 1994 again. In fact, maybe even earlier: The indie icons’ latest album—a boozy blur of sloppy, out-of-key, ultra-lo-fi walls o’ sound—comes across as if it could’ve been their first. No doubt that’s because Bob Pollard wisely chose the band’s classic line-up (Alien Lanes, Bee Thousand) as the one to reassemble, and one of the band’s earliest recording garages as the place to hunker down in. As if diehards needed any more convincing, the mighty Tobin Sprout wrote six of the 21 songs on Let’s Go Eat the Factory. In classic GBV fashion, there are song fragments, like the flute-infused, Krispy Kreme–inspired “Doughnut for a Snowman” and the single-guitar “Go Rolling Home” (only 0:34, yo). And then there are songs, like the drone-y stomper “Waves” and the Townshend-flavored closer “We Won’t Apologize for the Human Race.” Through and through, fans will be happy to see their former drinking buddies up to their old antics. It’s been said that rock bands are on their way out. If that’s the case, it seems fitting GBV are around to see the end of them.

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