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Pumps - Vice
FILTER Grade: 73%

By Clayton Purdom on April 6, 2010



Growing thrives on transition. Just as the band’s name suggests change, so does its music, phasing imperceptibly between noise, dance and drone in a manner too robust for IDM and too sedate for power electronics. Quite simply, it’s a wash. On Pumps, the band locates a propulsive, melodic throughway and rides it for just under 40 minutes, detouring for scenic views of warbling electronics (the Jessica Rylan-esque “Drone Burger”) and making up time with blurred vision speed-rushes (“Camera 84,” which recalls tour mates Fuck Buttons at their least anthemic). The addition of Sadie Laska (even the lineup’s in transition) emboldens the long-time instrumental band to introduce vocals—an ill-conceived decision—that are sent skittering across the sonic landscape through which the band recklessly barrels. Closer “Mind Eraser” may as well be the heady, pitch-black party they were always racing toward, but this ultimately ends unresolved—a transition unfinished. 

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