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Visions - 4AD
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Kyle MacKinnel on February 21, 2012



To riff on Dr. Theodor S. Geisel: Oh, the places pop music will go. In a recent interview, Grimes’ Claire Boucher cited the looped-sample stylings of Panda Bear as instrumental in charting a sea change to her structural approach to making music, which the artist herself has dubbed “post-Internet.” It’s a curious chain of influence, considering Animal Collective was thought to roam the outskirts of the avant-garde just a decade ago. And yet here we have Boucher, acid-drenched and bloody on the snowy Montreal hillside unleashing her silent-whistle-high coos, leaning K-pop and Janet Jackson as inspirations up against Outkast and Aphex Twin. A curious mixture? No doubt. But it’s all there, and there’s no denying that tracks like “Genesis” and “Oblivion” are genuine pop gems. Visions refuses to rest on its laurels, bouncing from crystalline caverns on “Vowels = space and time” into the starlit digital pastures of “Skin.” Well traveled and weird, will Grimes succeed? 98-and-¾-percent guaranteed.

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