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Grace Jones
Hurricane - P.I.A.S.
FILTER Grade: 86%

By A.D. Amorosi on September 8, 2011


Grace Jones

Grace Jones may be an inspiration to modern marvels such as Janelle Monáe, Santigold and Lady Gaga, yet none of those ladies can touch Mother Jones in terms of personae, costume changes, curt melodies or cutting vocals. At age 63, the queen of robotic-electronic-death-disco and reggae has found new ways into the pop continuum, not simply due to Hurricane’s wild collaborators (Eno, Tony Allen, Tricky) but because of her own gale forces. Rather than stay coldly cyber-androgynous as she did throughout her ’80s albums past (oh, but that sound is here in “Corporate Cannibal”), Jones now is softer, more lyrical, less clipped. Her throaty vocals and winsome lyrics recall the Jamaican patois and patience of her youth, while the title track shows off a Grace Jones delighting in a frightening form of future-forward decadence. Plus there’s a dub workout disc for Jones karaoke enthusiasts. Welcome back, Grace.

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