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Whatever's On Your Mind - ATO
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Nevin Martell on June 20, 2011



Gomez rode into America in 1998 on the coattails of the Britpop explosion, but the U.K. fivesome had little common ground with hooky exports like Blur and Pulp. Its genre-blending and mind-blowing debut, Bring It On, and its tripped-out shows actually made Gomez a perfect fit with America’s acronym-loving, jam-band scene (D.M.B., O.A.R., etc.), but the five-piece always seemed loathe to embrace that crowd. As an odd act of rebellion against those unwashed heathens, the group churned out efforts that were more and more mainstream until the quintet finally became Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack stars. Now on its seventh album, the band seeks a middle ground. Opener “Options” is an irresistibly jaunty tune infused with bright jabs of brass and Hammond, while the closer, “X-Rays,” vibes like The Doors sharing tabs with The Beta Band. Between these diverse points, Gomez finally makes peace with the fact that it’s a pop band that loves to jam and a jam band that loves to write pop songs.

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