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Glass Animals
ZABA - Harvest
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Sarabeth Oppliger on June 9, 2014


Glass Animals

Glass Animals’ full-length debut sounds just as its single, “Gooey,” suggests. ZABA’s syrupy melodies reel you in, get your blood pumping and craving more, but it’s the lyrical innuendo that sticks to you and won’t let go. The album—heavily laden with tribal-meets–R & B percussion that carries ZABA from start to finish—thrives thanks in part to the inclusion of vocalist Dave Bayley’s falsetto oozing all over its 12 tracks, spreading visceral desire wherever it lands. Breaking up the cycles of eclectic drumbeats are varied electronic blips that inspire the exotic, twisting and turning from one track to the next. Much like the coded message of genre blending embedded within each ZABA track, Glass Animals creates a cohesive fusion between nature and the man-made world. ZABA is a notable first offering that is so tasty you’ll want to lick it off your fingers. 


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