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Father, Son, Holy Ghost - TRUE PANTHER
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Kyle MacKinnel on September 12, 2011



The most beautiful thing about Girls’ Christopher Owens is that he seems downright incapable of fleeing his unflappable candor. This characteristic is what made his tumultuous backstory of growing up in the repressive Children of God cult so intriguing, and is also what drowns his devastating songwriting in oceans of silvery hope. Yet as refreshingly naked and unabashed as Girls come off, their recordings are paradoxically lush with mystery and depth. Album is an astoundingly good record in its own right, but the omni-directional growth showcased on Father, Son, Holy Ghost is nearly overwhelming. The first single (“Vomit”) is a wrenching epic of Floydian eccentricity, which paints someone “at life’s lowest, seeing the light and becoming a songwriter.” Whirlwinds of blinding guitar (“Die,” “Forgiveness”) and golden-era pop throwbacks (“Honey Bunny”) abound alike. Owens’ honesty bleeds right through it all, and this LP rises high among the finest records this year.

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