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Gary Numan
Dead Son Rising - SELF-RELEASED
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Adam Pollock on November 3, 2011


Gary Numan

Since apparently all new music by young bands can be categorized as “acoustic twee,” “electronic twee” or “retro twee,” it falls on the still noble shoulders of one of music’s elder statesmen to make albums that don’t sound like Paul Simon bootlegs. Gary Numan, while best known for the still-modern-sounding 1979 Number One “Cars,” has been delivering challenging new albums consistently since the late ’70s. Dead Son Rising is a dark experimental work that reminds us why Trent Reznor is an obvious fan; whispered vocals over a minor chord piano line always work when the desired result is “chilling.” Opening track “Resurrection” channels The Prodigy in its synthetic violence, yet there are plenty of dance-y melodic moments that will have the over-40 set reminiscing about their nights in the clubs. As last year’s The Pleasure Principle anniversary tour proved: Numan isn’t far from being at the top of his game, even three decades on—and rising.

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