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FILTER Grade: 86%

By Zack Kraimer on September 30, 2013



Ty Segall has some pretty masterful collaborations behind him, but none are quite as fully realized as FUZZ. A power trio in the truest sense, these dudes have chemistry like old friends—which they are—and they’ve found a way to make proto-metal new again with this self-titled debut. Segall pulls double duty as vocalist and drummer here, and seamlessly to boot. Charlie Moothart (guitar, vocals) and Roland Cosio (bass) round out the lineup, and together they make mental decay and isolation seem purely fun when filtered through the cream of the early metal and scuzzy garage-punk crop. FUZZ aren’t shy about their influences, but they’re furthering those traditions rather than aping them. They make their extended instrumental stretches come alive, not flounder as they might elsewhere. Each track is blanketed healthily in the band’s namesake, and Segall’s vocals are true to his weirdo style but more forthright in their delivery. FUZZ is commanding and infectious—this could be the project Segall was born for.  


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