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Frightened Rabbit
FILTER Grade: 74%

By Bailey Pennick on March 1, 2013


Frightened Rabbit

Pedestrian Verse is an album made up of melodies, lyrics and verses that are completely, well, pedestrian. The 12 tracks follow a fairly straight line of Mumford & Sons-ian driving beats and jangly guitar picking (sans banjo) without any true spirit or energy. The album starts off with Scott Hutchison describing the failures of men within society (“Acts of Man”), including intense violence and rape. While his grand intentions are pure (“I’m here, not heroic, but I try”), the song’s execution with lacking phrases like “a knight in shitty armor” leaves a lot to be desired from such a serious subject. While there are some examples of the Scots’ past brilliance in songs like the upbeat anthem “Late March, Death March” and bass-driven “Dead Now,” the album lacks the emotion and fragility needed when discussing our own mortality, man’s inhumanity to fellow man and the unbearable loss of others.

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