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Freelance Whales
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Daniel Kohn on October 10, 2012


Freelance Whales

After spending two years on the road promoting their debut album, 2010’s Weathervanes, Freelance Whales are back faster than some may have expected. Riding on the coattails of a successful freshman effort, the Queens natives pushed themselves even farther for the follow-up, Diluvia. With producer Shane Stoneback (Cults, Vampire Weekend, Fucked Up) at the helm, this album continues to explore elements of dream-pop, albeit with a bigger, more ambitious sound. Songs like the dreamy “Follow Through,” the folky, uptempo “Spitting Image” and the mystical “DNA Bank” capture the band at their most comfortable selves. Unlike other, overambitious acts who try to overextend themselves with lengthy, bloated tunes, the Whales are at their creative best when their songs are longer. This allows for different instruments to mash together, creating a bigger, more cohesive sound. The vocal harmonies, synths and fancy banjo plucking are highlights on an album filled with enchanted imagery. Not too shabby, gang.


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