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Freddie Gibbs
Str8 Killa - Decon
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Clayton Purdom on September 10, 2010


Freddie Gibbs

Expect people to talk about Freddie Gibbs a little bit more. Expect people to use terms like “hottest,” “truest” and “best” when describing his flow and the way it flits between syncopated double-time and lean, low menace. Expect talk of his crossover potential, the way he weds a mighty, funny, fresher-than-hell stage presence to the tried-and-true gangsta tropes of stunts and blunts. Expect 2Pac comparisons. Expect, based off this EP, great albums, sounding at home here within the title track’s dense electro-bounce and the sparse boom-bap of “Oil Money” (featuring a moody Dan Auerbach cameo). Expect to see him stand astride the blog circuit and the mainstream, thrilling both, like Lupe if he was any fun or Kanye if he wasn’t crazy. Expect a lot from Freddie Gibbs. You may end up wrong—hip-hop is fickle—but you’ll be happy you believed.

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