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Franz Ferdinand
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action - DOMINO
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Bailey Pennick on August 29, 2013


Franz Ferdinand

The members of Franz Ferdinand are getting old. They’ve taken the ride on the merry-go-round of music industry hype and frantically short deadlines to come out the other side more confident and carefree. They’ve had time to mature as musicians and refine their outlook on life and relationships. What do you do with the wisdom gained from no longer caring about what others think? Cue Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action—the Glaswegian four-piece’s latest offering into the world of dance-rock. Comprised of 10 tracks with lengths all between two and five minutes long (the ideal range of time for alt-dance hits), Right Action finds Franz Ferdinand embracing their seductive musical strengths, but this time, the usually emotionally charged tracks drenched in lust, loathing  and sarcasm are replaced with lyrics blessed by the priceless gift of hindsight. (OK, there is still some sarcasm.)


Within the album’s semi-title (and opening) track, “Right Action,” lead singer Alex Kapranos croons, “Sometimes I wish you were here, weather permitting,” with such charm, you almost forget that he’s completely  giving you the brush-off. No longer is he asking you to end his misery by taking him out, he’s wondering why you’re still hanging around. Don’t get them wrong, Kapranos and company still believe in love, but now they know you aren’t “the one.” And that’s OK.


This tragic understanding of the temporary bliss universally known as dating is best heard within “Fresh Strawberries.” Sandwiched between two tracks about relationship fallouts accompanied by infectious alt-disco beats, “Fresh Strawberries” acts as Franz Ferdinand’s own “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” You can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness as you listen to Kapranos trying to preserve the last sweet moment before his love inevitably turns rotten. They’re not cynical, they’re being realistic. And isn’t that essentially what growing up is? Having full faith in yourself while trying to navigate through life the best you can? Well, what better way is there to do that if not through right thoughts, right words and right actions?  


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