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Frank Ocean
Channel Orange - DEF JAM
FILTER Grade: 95%

By Kyle MacKinnel on July 27, 2012


Frank Ocean

“If I listen closely, I can hear the sky falling,” muses Frank Ocean at the poetic wrap of his already-legendary Tumblr open letter. With all due respect, Frank, you’ve got it backwards: the sky is getting closer, but instead it’s you approaching it, drip-drying as you rise farther into the vast cerulean away from anonymity.

To the listener: Ignore whatever purist backlash you may encounter. In Channel Orange, we have been granted a truly classic document, perhaps the very first that feels synchronized with the present decade. “Thinkin Bout You” may be the track of 2012, but Ocean goes much deeper than this on his transcendent debut. “Sweet Life” is a citrus slice of Wonder, “Pyramids” is a hypnotic meditation and “Bad Religion” stuns in its naked candor. With the stubborn fog finally broken and Ocean in clear view, the tangerine horizon now appears as endless as it does rightly gorgeous.

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