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Fran Healy
Wreckorder - RYKOdisc
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Laura Jespersen on September 14, 2010


Fran Healy

The blue-eyed frontman of Travis might be somewhat discontent with the many Travis references used when describing his new solo album Wreckorder, so here it will only be mentioned once: It sounds like Travis. Period. Sure, the sound is still post-Britpop, but Fran Healy isn’t turning any corners or wrecking any orders here. However, the effortless craftsmanship and wide range on Wreckorder’s ten tracks somehow work to perfection. Healy is a great songwriter, knows how to execute a good album and still seems to be able to evolve his music without getting boring or irrelevant. He even got Paul McCartney to play bass on “As It Comes” and Neko Case to duet on “Sing Me to Sleep”—suitable, welcome diversions to an otherwise solid collection. 

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