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Foster the People
Supermodel - COLUMBIA
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Katrina Nattress on March 20, 2014


Foster the People

When Foster the People released Torches in 2011, their fame quickly soared to its peak. “Pumped Up Kicks” played on every radio station, and as overplayed as it became, it was hard not to sing along. Since then, the indie-poppers have been hard at work writing more catchy, dance-infused songs...or so we assumed. But where Torches is playful, their long-awaited sophomore album Supermodel is heady, trading in electronics for guitars. The band experiments with world music (“Are You What You Want To Be?”) and psychedelia (“Pseudologia Fantastic,” “A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon”) but falls short. This drastic change seems to be a product of FTP’s quick rise to fame. “I’ve been accosted, the jury’s been partial/But I won’t surrender, to prove to you I won’t lie under pressure of compromise,” Mark Foster promises in “The Truth.” This sentiment weaves through the album, but it’s stale—just like the music accompanying it.


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