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Ford & Lopatin
Channel Pressure - Software/Mexican Summer
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Jason Parham on June 8, 2011


Ford & Lopatin

Here in the not-so-distant past, Joel Ford and Daniel Lopatin, the sci-fi synth wizards formerly known as Games, command a sound that defies easy category. There is something at once warmly nostalgic and refreshingly new age about Channel Pressure, Ford & Lopatin’s dizzying vessel of ’80s-era electro. It’s familiar sound made anew, a maximalist approach to the woozy, neon vistas of a bygone era. Like the young duo’s previous effort, the EP That We Can Play, Pressure is a cinematic, concept-driven odyssey of high-end electro-R&B (one of the many forms the music takes). But there is never any doubt that this is anything other than a cohesive enterprise, as the Northeast robo lords prove master technicians. The success of Pressure, though, raises a curious notion: it implies that our best days are behind us. In this way, the album, too, serves as homage, a re-interpretive effort of sorts, to a decade defined by hokey horror films, wacky regalia and bright-eyed decadence. Nostalgia, you see, can be tricky like that.

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