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Holy Fire - WARNER
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Zachary Sniderman on March 6, 2013



Holy Fire is a good record for a bad day. From the opening silence of “Prelude” to the ballad-groove of “Late Night” to the empty spaces of “Moon,” this, the third album from Foals, distills a feeling of loneliness and aggression with a slinky, seductive twist. This is not, however, how Foals made their bank. The band first hit the charts as a punchy, math-rock band that mixed herky-jerky guitar scratches with cut-up lyrics along fatalist lines. Holy Fire is a head-nodder, but much of the band’s verve has been transmuted into songs that cherish the open spaces and stronger storytelling from lead singer Yannis Philippakis. Holy Fire isn’t a straight home run for the Oxford-based quintet. They’ve always had an intelligent streak to their music, but with bands like Two Door Cinema Club snaking their dance-rock beat, Foals has found a deeper groove to call home.


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