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Flume - MOM + POP
FILTER Grade: 74%

By Paula Mejia on March 28, 2013



Australian producer Flume, at just 21 years old, saw an astronomical rise in 2012, even landing a slot opening for The xx. Rooted in Sydney, the beatmaker just dropped his self-titled debut. Right from the beginning, the glitchy foot-stomper “Sintra” nearly emits electricity from the speakers. The experimentation of the Brainfeeder crew twinkles on “Star Eyes,” the glitchiness of Baths on “Space Cadet.” You’d think the pulsating hip-hop featured on “On Top”‘ would have J Dilla’s nod of approval, and the implementation of sultry female singers like Jezzabell Doran on single “Sleepless” attempt to bring the album to the next level. It never quite gets there, but Flume marks the beginning for a prolific catalogue of work. Although it toes a dangerous line of resounding too imitative of its own influences, the young producer is nonetheless well on his way to fully embracing his identity—a flume is an open water channel, which, after all, means one thing: flow.

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