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Floating Action
Desert Etiquette - Park The Van
FILTER Grade: 88%

By Jeffrey Brown on March 31, 2011


Floating Action

While many bands list diverse influences, Seth Kauffman lets them all bubble to the surface on his latest release under the Floating Action moniker. Essentially an indie rock/folk album, Desert Etiquette borrows from gospel, soul, blues and more to create a rich atmosphere that blends together through solid songwriting and an earnestness that fits snugly with the home-recorded feel of the production. Kauffman manages to make music that seems more complex than it sounds and the album feels double its barely 35-minute length. The relaxed rhythm of songs like “In the Mud” and “The Balance” move smoothly to the more anxious fidgets of “Please Reveal” and “Modern Gunslinger,” only to slow back down at the end with “Rogue River.” Desert Etiquette feels timeless; songs you feel you already know, written by old favorites and performed with a kind of intimacy that can’t help but be remembered.

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