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First Aid Kit
Stay Gold - COLUMBIA
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Alejandra Gomez on June 11, 2014


First Aid Kit

On their previous album The Lion’s Roar, the Söderberg sisters drew deeply from their influences. Now, they’re finding their own voices. Every song on Stay Gold is beautifully crafted to feel like a new and complete soundscape—orchestrated strings, rolling drums and airy flutes enhance the Americana guitar riffs—bringing out the vivid imagery of their lyrics. From the classic country ballad of “Cedar Lane” to the campy tempo of “Heaven Knows,” First Aid Kit don’t hold back on storybook memories. As on the title track—inspired by Robert Frost’s resignation to the idea that “nothing gold can stay”—the album is an exploration of fear, identity and change. “A Long Time Ago” serves as the perfect closer as they look back fondly at lost love and circle back to the opener, “My Silver Lining,” where they hold no regret, just forgiveness. They don’t dwell, but instead move forward with soaring voices and greater hope.

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