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FILTER Grade: 86%

By Alejandro Rubio on January 22, 2013



It might’ve happened after the first time Henry Rollins punched some dude in the face, but somewhere along the line, punk rock got a little too serious and forgot what it was like to be a wiry, fun-loving nihilist. Well, thanks be to God for FIDLAR’s first full-length, here to lead us back to that gamy golden age. From the adrenal rock-and-roll guitars on “Cheap Beer” to the guttural shrills on “Cocaine,” every song here champions that adult adolescence and “fuck it” ideology that has always made the genre so damn appealing. These guys were born into this—brothers Max and Elvis (drums and guitar) are the sons of T.S.O.L. keyboardist Greg Kuehn. With anthems like “I/Drink/Cheap/Beer!/So/What?/Fuck/You!” and “Wake!/Bake!/Skate!” this is the first LP in hopefully a long string to follow that kids will be proudly hiding from their parents (except in the Kuehn household).


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