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Factory Floor
Factory Floor - DFA
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Ken Scudato on September 23, 2013


Factory Floor

The value of sheer sensory violence should never be underestimated. And early Factory Floor shows were said to have induced blackouts and vomiting (all included in the ticket price) amongst the assembled London faithful. Their eponymous debut full-length, disappointingly, does not come complete with the sadistic frequencies and tormenting strobe effects. But the unapologetic relentlessness of the musical proceedings does seem specifically and ideologically conceived to induce various states of anxiety, exhilaration, trance and possibly even dementia—all while inciting listeners to dance themselves into oblivion. The death-disco intro “Turn It Up” acutely sets the stage for minimalist electro freak-outs like “Here Again” and “Fall Back,” all machine-like precision and rigorous, doctrinaire repetition. From there, it descends deeper and deeper into the Factory Floor weltanschauung, the feral rhythms of “Two Different Ways” effectively recalling the Teutonic barrage of Nitzer Ebb. As a whole, it’s not so much sonically austere as utterly aesthetically totalitarian. Dissenters, of course, will be dealt with severely. 


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