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FILTER Grade: 77%

By Clare R. Lopez on May 24, 2012



The final scene fades away, the credits slowly glide by and you begin to reenter reality to the only remaining thematic trace of the film that just unfolded: the music. No matter what the movie was actually about, those songs bridge a gap and usher you forth from a world of fiction to one of fact. Once you listen to Exitmusic’s debut, it is not hard to instantly grasp why the husband-and-wife duo of Devon Church and Aleksa Palladino (she herself of Tinseltown fame on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) have claimed this space as their own. With earnest piano, pulsing atmospherics and windswept vocals opening the album, the title track signals what’s to come and lets you know that, had there actually been a film, it would have certainly been a drama. Standout moments—like the fluttering, dance-y synths and shifting movements in “The Modern Age”—establish that you won’t soon forget this ethereal passage, either. 

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