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Tear the Fences Down - Dangerbird
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Nala Sart on March 3, 2011



It is often said that tragedies help put us in touch with our creative side. This certainly proves to have been the case for Peter Walker, frontman of four-piece L.A. indie-rock outfit Eulogies and the friend and business partner of Dangerbird co-founder Jeff Castelaz. Shortly after the birth of Peter’s own son, he learned that Jeff’s son Pablo had a rare form of cancer. Just 13 months later, Pablo lost his battle. Tear the Fences Down is Peter’s response to his experiences from the tragedy, from first learning the news to sitting by Jeff’s bedside as Pablo passed away while at home in June 2009. Beautiful and anthemic songs such as “Intimate Debris” and “Little Bombs” encapsulate a feeling of raw emotion not unlike some written by Mark Oliver Everett (of Eels) in response to his own family tragedies on Electro Shock Blues. This album requires less listening and more feeling for one to get the message, something that most of us could all use a little more of.

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