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Eno * Hyde
Someday World - WARP
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Ken Scrudato on June 12, 2014


Eno * Hyde

Dearest Brian,

We’re chuffed you chose to mingle your musical blood with once-Underworld-chappie Karl Hyde. Not sure you even realized, but Someday World sounds quite like Happy Mondays at times, and rather like King Crimson at others. Of course, we knew you were mates with that Fripp fellow—though who could have guessed you were also concealing a Madchester fetish? (“Hallelujah!”) But really, the grooves are so ace, we almost pulled the vintage baggies out of storage. The jittery but pretty prog guitar riffs are also a nice new touch for you. Best of all, you and Karl harmonize so magnificently, in that, you know, “lifelike robot” sort of way. And since you thought to ask of us, “Did you ever dream the end of the world?” we must admit that, indeed, we have. And, funny enough, this was the soundtrack.

Your friend, Ken Scrudato

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