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Eleanor Friedberger
Personal Record - MERGE
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Laura Studarus on June 6, 2013


Eleanor Friedberger

It’s hard not to think of Eleanor Friedberger as a friend. The most approachable member of Fiery Furnaces, her sophomore solo release Personal Record follows in her 2011 debut’s footsteps; songs sprinkled with intimate fragments of the singer’s life. However, Friedberger has managed to pull a neat trick: even when decorated with specific details (“She was wearing a pair of overalls/So I sang ‘Come On Eileen’”), songs cut straight to the universal emotion behind the action. Has the term “zeitgeistwave” been invented yet? A poster child for all things 1970s, Friedberger’s obsession with the decade colors the album with a breezy charm. “Stare at the Sun” benefits from the aesthetic, a tune peppered with riffs reminiscent of Television. “She’s a Mirror” adds a “Maneater”-style beat and a warm horn chorus of brass to the predominantly guitar-driven album, proving that in addition to feeling your pain, Friedberger throws one hell of a party.  

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