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El Ten Eleven
FILTER Grade: 74%

By Adam Valeiras on November 7, 2012


El Ten Eleven

The success of El Ten Eleven relies on the hopefully still true fact that no other musicians out there are making anything like them. With only two members (Kristian Dunn on the fretless bass or double-neck guitar; Tim Fogarty on drums), the instrumentalists have positioned themselves as a unique voice in a difficult genre through perfectionist song-structuring and a heavy supply of loop/effect pedals over their five-record catalog. Transitions is an easy title for the band’s latest release. As the dynamic of El Ten Eleven remains the same, the songs become more ambitious, and decreasing in focus. When compared to the driving singles that once defined the band, the new songs seem an effort to improve an already-established sound by added length and attempted scope. It works, especially on the lengthy title track, but as the album continues, momentum is lost. Transitions marks potential, but where they’re heading…who knows if they’ll ever get there.


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