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El Ten Eleven
It's Still Like a Secret - Fake Record Label
FILTER Grade: 70%

By Zachary Sniderman on December 28, 2010


El Ten Eleven

L.A. duo El Ten Eleven are back with a fourth album of looping, effects-heavy rock. Each song is packed with shimmery, jangling riffs all created by Tim Fogarty on the drums and Kristian Dunn on the pretty-much-everything-else. The two don’t stray far from the sonic heaviness of their previous records, and It’s Still Like a Secret gets similarly buried under its own weight. They drive somewhere between a roughed-up version of Sigur Rós and Ratatat you wouldn’t dare bring home to your parents. But while Jónsi emphatically sings Hopelandic (read: gibberish), El Ten Eleven is conspicuously silent. It’s a bold move to hope that a wall of sound can carry an entire album, but without any sort of persistent melody (vocal or otherwise) to anchor the songs, the album feels more “promising soundtrack” than finished product.

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