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Piramida - 4AD
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Adam Valeiras on September 27, 2012



Magic Chairs, by way of pop-centric melodies and escapist lyrics, brought out a radical change for Efterklang in 2010. And those qualities have been remembered and improved in the Copenhagen post-rock outfit’s fourth, Piramida. The essential qualities of an album by Efterklang are all here: elongated melodies; sparsely beaten drums; sometimes-hectic, sometimes-soaring strings; and unforced, pleasantly uncomplicated instrumentation. Then there is the element of the new record that none past have strongly held, which are the intimate, full-bodied lyrics matched well with Casper Clausen’s emanatingly beautiful vocals. Yet, Piramida’s faults lie in the gaps. Each track stands on its own; they begin slow and end long, which isn’t an issue until it becomes a pattern. But if an album is a book and each song a chapter, at some point there’s got to be a cliffhanger, a climax, a callback, some unresolved exposition—something to remember and something to desire. Every pyramid makes a point, after all. 

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