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Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1 - Southern Lord
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Bernardo Rondeau on March 10, 2011



Named after Black Sabbath’s first incarnation, Earth once seemed to imagine what it would have been like if Ozzy’s band had ditched songs in favor of pure drone—admiring riffs as if they were lunar eclipses, rare phenomena of slow modulation. But since packing up its fuzz pedals a few years back, Earth no longer churns through thunderous, blackened resonances like a narcoleptic Tommy Iommi. Now there’s a twang and smolder to its sound, whammy bars smear honeyed licks into gold-leaf lattices, and the moniker has taken on a rootsy ring. Adding the grizzled moan and elegiac scrape of Lori Goldston’s cello to the palette on this latest record, Earth snakes through craggy epics that could be Ennio Morricone scores on horse tranquilizers. From behind her kit, Adrienne Davies keeps slow-mo time as new member Karl Blau thickly kneads deep ribbons of rumbling bass that counter Dylan Carlson’s stately, dark holler melodies. The new moon suits them well.

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