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Eagulls - PARTISAN
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Adam Valeiras on March 6, 2014



Based out of Leeds, Eagulls have made an incendiary entrance—one to be somewhat always expected of that side of the Pond’s music scene. Of course, then you spin their debut full-length and—while it may be missing the glimmer-pop elements of certain corners of the genre—it is, rather, indisputably a contemporary product of Britain’s post-punk golden age. With fast, loud instruments, simple structures and marble-mouthed vocals, the influences are apparent and well incorporated, the most attractive being the sleek, almost out-of-place Cure-like guitar stylings on album highlights “Tough Luck” and “Opaque.” As a whole, Eagulls is a refreshing, unrestrained album, a cool drink of insta-nostalgia for the best of the late ’80s, early ’90s rejecters of the mold. Bottoms up. 


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