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Dum Dum Girls
Too True - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Laura Studarus on February 10, 2014


Dum Dum Girls

It’s easy to play “Name That Reference Point” on any Dum Dum Girls album. After all, they’re the same tastemakers that frontwoman Dee Dee has been doing proud since the band released their first lo-fi pop tunes in 2008. While the tried and true Siouxsie-meets-Madonna sheen has returned for the band’s third album, there’s also a new element at work. Call it vulnerability. Written in part after Dee Dee was put on vocal rest, Too True infuses the band’s eyeliner-heavy songs with moments of quiet reflection that bite almost as hard as those delivered with snarl. She may long to “touch beneath our skin, right down to the bare wires” on opening rocker “Cult of Love,” but it’s sigh-laced closing ballad “Trouble Is My Name” where Dee Dee truly hits a nerve, her wistfully chanted chorus finally accumulating in a melancholic release.


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