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The Flower Lane - DOMINO
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Kyle MacKinnel on January 29, 2013



The Duckman cometh yet again and this time he’s got ancillary waterfowl for days. Behind us is Real Estate member Matt Mondanile’s solo project, Ducktails, and rippling across the pond is Mondanile’s other band, also Ducktails. Now flanked by four supporting members—including the dudes from Big TroublesThe Flower Lane provides width for Mondanile to freely explore bluesier, spacier frontiers, and the fresh air to achieve a cohesive clarity that builds on the successful points of his previous efforts. A recurrent affinity for sensual sci-fi vibery emerges here, as seen on “Planet Phrom” (“Out past the stars that shine/Makin’ love with my alien wife”). At the end of the day, Mondanile is one of the flat-out best guitar players to fly off from the weird, transient rock known as “indie,” and we are all the better for having witnessed his soft landing.


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