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Drive-By Truckers
Go-Go Boots - ATO
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Brooks Hays on March 24, 2011


Drive-By Truckers

Go-Go Boots looks to relieve the lingering hangover from last year’s release The Big To-Do, which turned out to be a big to-do about nothing—a record that fell flat for pundits and fans alike. The latest Drive-By Truckers release goes in a refreshingly rootsier direction. Scrubbed of the raucous guitar grunge that characterized Big To-Do, and with the reverb toned down a notch, Go-Go Boots allows the band’s more natural influences to shine through: R&B, white soul, country ballads and honky-tonk. The arrangements feature more acoustic accoutrements—banjos jangle, pianos twinkle and slide guitars twang. Diehards need not worry, the songs still feature plenty of signature alt-country—with electrified blues riffs, Shonna Tucker’s gorgeous vocals and Hammond hum aplenty. While not overwhelming or breathtaking, the slower pace and pure countrified nature of this latest release better suits the band’s booze-soaked, Southern, small-town storytelling and captivates suitably for the running time.

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