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Dr. Dog
B-Room - ANTI-
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Kyle MacKinnel on October 2, 2013


Dr. Dog

My first Dr. Dog experience came in the form of a Fate-era Los Angeles press showcase. The spread was pleasant enough: complimentary fish tacos and Dos Equis, and a tribe of thickly bearded, sunglass-clad dudes from Philly doling out ’60s throwback pop rocks to the absolute cream of the noontime indie-rag press. They played; we ate Wahoo’s and left the cozy hotel reception room with eardrums a’throb. The set had not been entirely unsuccessful; one could detect fully realized compositions tucked in the melee, but the room had been acoustically overmatched. And while the tandem song engine of Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken has always managed to gel and produce over the years, context still has a way of clouding the conversation. Whether jangling in pockets of folk, psych or whittling unassuming pop tunes, B-Room carries on the burdensome torch of stylistic pastiche for this band. Dr. Dog is a fun, energetic and entertaining crew, but it speaks volumes that fish tacos still come to mind.  


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