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Dr. Dog
Be the Void - ANTI-
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Marissa R. Moss on February 20, 2012


Dr. Dog

“I got a web of my very own weaving,” vocalist-guitarist Scott McMicken sings on “Over Here, Over There.” And if there is one thing that Dr. Dog has continually spun over seven albums, it’s psychedelic jams filled with chugging guitars and sweeping, catchy choruses. But for some reason, they always seem to get the brunt of the retro-imitator slack; you rarely hear their name in a sentence without “B”-words (Band, Beatles, Beach Boys). And since ’60s influences are as trendy as Twitter, it’s unfair to dismiss them just for that. Their last record, Shame, Shame, ripped production from their manicured tunes to put emphasis on lyrics and more straightforward rock, and Be the Void continues the trend. The album skips across different sounds—the doo-wop of “Big Girl,” Strokes-ish licks of “These Days,” the pretty “Get Away.” It’s even a bit schizophrenic (the damn weird “Warrior Man”). But the thing that this album cements, no matter what references or direction, is that Dr. Dog have established that they sound like one thing only: themselves. 


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