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Dog Bite
Tranquilizers - CARPARK
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Alejandra Gomez on March 6, 2014


Dog Bite

Given the sedating comfort that envelops Dog Bite’s sophomore album, Tranquilizers, it couldn’t be more appropriately titled. Every song is filled with a foggy haze that sounds a bit more languid and transcendent than the lighter melodies of last year’s Velvet Changes. This dark, slow turn is also present in Phil Jones’s lyrics, all of which seem to yearn for help from some lost subconscious state. The burdened calls are heard behind the smoky sounds of the guitars and keys that carry the songs into their dreamy soundscapes. However, that textured instrumentation overpowers his droning echoes, causing those pleas to lose some of their affliction. This, along with the repetitive structure of their sound, makes it difficult to feel the emotion behind the songs. Instead, many of the songs indistinguishably work together to guard from it, making the album as a whole feel like one long, subdued tranquilized state.


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