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Dog Bite
Velvet Changes - CARPARK
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Loren Auda Poin on March 13, 2013


Dog Bite

With Velvet Changes, songwriter and instrumentalist Phil Jones gives us his promising, fogged-over vision of bummed-out, smoky beat-pop—and not without modest success. Velvet Changes sounds great—simple instrumentation mixed well, each song with a punchy, gutsy drum rollick and florescent melody woven out of guitar and keys. Jones' songwriting is simple, tight and effective to the point of a Strokes comparison (perhaps with a little Deerhunter thrown in, too), and if there's one downside here, it's the subtle uniformity of all the tracks, with the possible exception being “You're Not That Great”—an odd and easy flume into more gloomy, garage-y territory. Listening to the record is akin to staring through a kaleidoscope of grays—the songs possess an entrancing power but lack a certain amount of dynamism, the kind of tonal shift or chord change that sets your hairs on end, which is the hallmark of great pop music.


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