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Dirty Three
Toward the Low Sun - DRAG CITY
FILTER Grade: 89%

By Jon Falcone on March 1, 2012


Dirty Three

Toward the Low Sun is a stunning tease, an album that both drenches you with the virtuoso, double- and tripled-tracked magnificence of Warren Ellis’s violin playing and places his melodies amongst a series of differing, varyingly abstract band compositions. Opening with “Furnace Skies,” drummer Jim White rolls away a continuous free jazz solo underneath gritty guitars, somehow completely dwarfing everything, while Ellis’ violin occasionally peaks out a delicate melody that is crushed by Mick Turner’s guitar stabs. It’s part frustration, part chase with moments where everything seems to, accidentally, come together in passing moments that strike with more emotional effect than a compilation of soulful tearjerkers. There are other times, too, where Dirty Three play it straight and unleash tracks like “Ashen Snow” and “Moon on the Land,” compositions that are both as rousing and beautiful as the night sky and as magical as anything the band has ever made.

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