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Dirty Projectors
About To Die - DOMINO
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Gianna Hughes on November 12, 2012


Dirty Projectors

Although Dirty Projectors released Swing Lo Magellan earlier this year, the band has already returned with an EP centered around one of the LP's most resonant tracks, "About to Die." The four-song EP cannot only be viewed as an extension of Swing Lo Magellan, but as a thematic examination of "About to Die." In comparison, the EP is not as polished as its full-length companion, but it can be viewed as a peek into David Longstreth's process—the female harmonies are mostly absent from this EP—or merely as another solid collection of songs by Dirty Projectors. Either way, the band has proved time and time again that their innovation knows no bounds.

About to Die opens with its title track, and moves into the meticulously orchestrated "While You're Here." And before you can comprehend what has happened, you are left questioning your mortality—a theme weaved throughout About to Die. "While you are here you are alive," sings Longstreth as a memento mori over and over again. In the EP's closing track, "Simple Request," Longstreth sings "I was bone, now I break in half." Life is fragile, and these four songs serve as a reminder to live while we are able.

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