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Devon Williams
Gilding The Lily - SLUMBERLAND
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Kyle MacKinnel on June 13, 2014


Devon Williams

The sobered urgency propelling Devon Williams’s third record calls to mind that of James Mercer’s gloomier fare or, more to the point, Wild Nothing’s Gemini. Spending its 11 tracks in the mouths of oceanic caves, Gilding The Lily searches for shelter from the impending storm, or as Mick would have put it, emotional rescue. Lilting synths and a pronounced penchant for verbiage are analogous to those of Jack Tatum. Unlike the latter record, however, Lily eschews the tape chew of lo-fi persuasions in favor of a cleaner palette, thanks due in part to Ariel Pink affiliate and weirdo-pop champion Jorge Elbrecht’s production. The resultant sound is crisp and lovely, and on a clear mission to please its other (the listener, maybe?). “It takes two to save a vision,” Williams conjectures at the bitter end of “Lost My Concentration.” The tragic irony is that he might be singing around the bend into his own ear.

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