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Dent May
Do Things - PAW TRACKS
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Loren Auda Poin on June 11, 2012


Dent May

From the first cybertronic snare hit, it’s clear that Do Things, Dent May’s newest release, is gonna be a full-fledged pop avalanche. Stunningly bright, impeccably trim and dance-y, the level of song craftsmanship here has garnered Beach Boys comparisons, but Ace of Base might be a more accurate touchstone, with a bit of Christopher Owens’ (Girls) deep, bummed-out vocal blur as well. Do Things features songs about the senseless financial runaround of daily responsibilities, heavy platonic relationships and an urgent encouragement to go out and grab the love of your dreams worthy of Sebastian the Crab’s “Kiss the Girl.” May’s voice has truly come into its own here, and every song pulses with the pop sheen of gigantic ’80s hits, bolstered by doo-wop chord changes and harmonies and bridges Jeff Lynne would love. A perfect record for all those parties you’ll fall in and out of love at this summer.

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