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Halycon Digest - 4AD
FILTER Grade: 90%

By Scott Thill on September 9, 2010



Bradford Cox’s jagged, swirling atmospherics reach an apotheosis on this hazy but blissful offering. The digital stutters of the opener “Earthquake” give away to a reverb-drenched wonderland swimming with Cox’s dream-noir narration. His patented pop derangements unfurl on bouncing tracks “Don’t Cry,” “Revival” and “Memory Boy,” which are shot through with poignant lyrics about domestic life on the verge of loss and epiphany. Though spacewalks like “Sailing,” “Basement Scene” and the more experimental “Helicopter” offer up alternative triumphs, it is left to the stilted arpeggios of the finale, “He Would Have Laughed,” to shut the book on another brilliant chapter in Cox’s impressive sonic career. Read this Digest and weep.

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