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Deer Tick
Negativity - PARTISAN
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Daniel Kohn on November 6, 2013


Deer Tick

A lot has happened to John McCauley since Deer Tick’s last effort in 2011. The singer/guitarist saw his father head to the Big House, called off his engagement and partied excessively, leading to a dark foray into drugs and alcohol. Despite his personal maladies, the one thing McCauley can be counted on is to draw inspiration from his personal despair. On Negativity, Deer Tick expectedly blends twangy alt-country, indie-rock and folk, albeit with much more urgency and more chances taken than on releases past. The bold horns of album opener “The Rock” and the tender “Just Friends” along with other guitar-drenched tracks add elements that are interesting enough to distract from McCauley’s deeply personal, delicate lyrics. While the album title may aptly describe the plight, this is easily Deer Tick’s most complete album to date, proving that sometimes a bit of good comes from even the most dire of circumstances. 


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