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Spiritual Mental Physical - Drag City
FILTER Grade: 73%

By Bernardo Rondeau on March 4, 2011



When Death’s long-delayed debut album surfaced in 2009, some 35 years after it was recorded, the punk rock clock was turned back. In 1974, there was no Ramones record, even less anything by Black Flag or the Sex Pistols. But in Detroit, the Hackney brothers laid down what became ...For The Whole World to See, a short, thrashy blast of garage adrenaline born from the rubble of The StoogesRaw Power, but far scrappier. The surviving Hackneys—bassist/singer Bobby and drummer Dannis—sifted through their early jams, rehearsals and demos for this ragged set of odds and ends. Stompers from manic (“Can You Give Me a Thrill???”) to frantic (“Views”) lead the pack, but the revelations may only be a Beatles melody (from “Got to Get You into My Life,” of all things) lifted for “The Masks” and the watercolor vistas on guitarist David’s spiraling solo piece “The Change.”

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